Out of the Abyss

Out of the Abyss

A Summary of the First Half of the Adventure

After escaping the House Mizzrym slavers of Velkynvelve, the party began making their way steadily through the Underdark. After a week of pushing through the vast darkness (and finding the ranger, near death outside of the Darklake area) and encountering the Society of Brilliance for the first time, they made their way to Sloopludop. It was here that they were asked to help solve a civil dispute between two factions in the city, one that pledged fealty to their old goddess, the Sea Mother, and another upstart cult that worshiped the Deep Father. Agreeing to help, the party was used as pawns, luring the priestess of the Deep Father into an ambush.Such bloodshed, however, drew the attention of the lord that the cult was actually worshipping, the Demon Prince Demogorgon, who proceeded to destroy the city and a large number of it’s inhabitants.

The party fled, seeking refuge in the tunnels of the Underdark, which ultimately led them to the derro city of Gracklstaugh, the City of Blades. This city, too, was in turmoil, and there was further evidence of Demogorgon’s demonic influence, getting attacked in the market by a two-headed stone giant. They spoke with the leader of the stone giants, Stonespeaker Hgraam, who warned them of other powerful demon lords that have been unleashed in the Underdark, gifted them with the stonespeaker’s crystal, and pledged his assistance. They also met with the mighty red dragon Themberchaud, who offered his assistance against the demons in exchange for destroying his offspring. And, after thwarting a cult to Demogorgon, were the royal guests of Deepking Horgar, who had a feast for them. The party took note of the suspicious nature of both the Deepking and his consort Shal, but not before the Deepking granted them passage out of the City of Blades.

They continued their travels to the surface, next encountering the strange myconid community of Neverlight Grove. At first glance, the Grove seemed to offer a peaceful respite from the terrors of the Underdark, but the party soon learned that it, too, was under the sway of the rising Demon lords. Two opposing leaders, Sovereign Phylo and Sovereign Basidia, were at a crossroads concerning the future of the myconids, with Phylo promising a grand celebration, something of which the myconids do not normally partake. The party eventually learned that this “great celebration” was a fetid wedding for the Demon Queen of Fungi, Zuggtmoy. She has taken up residence in the great mushroom Yggmorgus, and has poisoned the minds of several of the myconids. Sovereign Basidia and those still loyal to her were able to lead the party away from Neverlight Grove, but not before the party were shown nightmarish visions of Zuggtmoy’s planned wedding, though the never learned the identity of the groom.

The myconids led the party through a short path to Blingdenstone, a svirfneblin city near the surface exit. After negotiating their way in, the party learned that the town was recently reclaimed by the gnomes from the drow, who once seized it from them. They were trying to rebuild their city, but their plans were offset by a strange entity called the Pudding King and his servants. The party cleared a path to the Pudding King, slaying his medusa and restoring power to the gnomes and the church of Segojan Earthcaller, as well as laying to rest several of the unruly spirits of Blingdenstone. They then went to war with the Pudding King, who they learned was a servant of the Faceless Lord Juiblex, the Demon lord of oozes. He had called a great army of oozes to his service in an attempt to claim Blingdenstone for the Faceless Lord, but was thwarted by the party and their allies. The Diggermattocks, the ruling family of Blingdenstone, then allowed the party to pass with their thanks, sending them to the surface.

The party was led across the treacherous paths to the surface by a pair of goblins, who led them safely away from Menzoberranzan, but Lady Ilvara of House Mizzrym had tracked their movement, and had a host waiting for them near the surface. The party attempted to fight their way through, but the drow priestess summoned a demon to serve her, sending the party fleeing. After a daunting fight, they finally found sunlight and allies, both of which helped to vanquish the drow host and lead the party to freedom…



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